Networking Event

The networking professional development event was definitely a great way to get practice for future interviews as well as feedback from professionals. This event was a valuable resource to get a real life perspective on what types of interview questions employers as and what kind of questions they liked to be asked after the interview. I was able to talk to two professionals in the PR field.

The first professional I talked to was Louise Hermsen and she worked for Dueco which is a trucking company. They make, assemble, and build industrial parts and trucks for industry use, and have about 350 employees. Louise was great when talking about how she got into the company she is with now, she kept saying to network! She has been in the business for over 20 years and was able to share some great stories and insight with me. She said the best way to get into the business is to know someone and keep in contact to get new job opportunities. Louise also told me to not be afraid to take a job; she never thought she would enjoy working for Dueco since she didn’t know much about trucks when she started. However, she told me she loves her job and is so glad she accepted the offer.

Next I talked to Sara Meany, she was a younger professional and we seemed to connect right away. She works for BVK which is an independent agency and has around 225 employees. She talked about how she has been in the agency world since 2008 and only with BVK since April, and loves it. She was great when talking about her personal experiences and giving me on advice on how to really let my personality shine while interviewing.

She made the interview process calm and friendly, but also asked some questions I had trouble answering. Unlike Louise she wanted more personal answers and stories instead of straight forward answers. She made me think on the spot and come up with an answer that would both answer her question and show her some of my personal experience. She told me not to shy away from making the interview more personal and sharing stories while answering the interviewer’s questions. Sara said the first thing to remember is that, it’s like you’re selling yourself to the company so make sure you stand out! I was also able to interview Sara and she shared great experiences and how to deal with difficult clients. She also talked about how important it was to build relationships in PR, and maintain those with both the clients and co-workers. No one wants to work in an environment with bad relationships and negative energy.

I feel that I learned a lot about what interviewers expect of you and what type of questions to ask the interviewer. I really enjoyed talking to Louise and Sara because they both gave me great feedback and tips on how to make myself a stronger candidate for future positions.


5 thoughts on “Networking Event

  1. I agree that the networking event was a great opportunity that we would have never found outside of the classroom, and I like the story about Louise because I can imagine the hesitancy she must’ve had to jump into an industry she knew little about. However, that story is similar to many other professionals who were there, so it must mean it is important to to keep an open mind! I really hope UWW keeps supporting this event for future classes to attend.

    • I think it’s really important that we always do keep in an open mind when we are looking for jobs because you never know what is going to be a good fit. Because it could be a company that you love from the outside but then just not be for you when you actually are there. Being open to new opportunities is a must.

  2. I think it’s great that both of the people you talked to gave you great feedback and gave you tips on how to be a stronger candidate for future positions. It’s always nice to get many different perspectives because someone always has one more bit of advice to tell you that you didn’t already know. I found the feedback that I received to be very helpful as well and will definitely use my feedback for future interviews as well.

  3. Great blog! I enjoyed hearing your experiences of networking with the professionals there. I also had some awesome experiences networking with the professionals at the event. It was a great opportunity to meet some awesome people.

  4. I think that this event was go great just because it as a neutral free zone where we could get positive feedback without “bombing” a potential interview. Even I wasn’t sure that I would get a lot out of the event, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned about keeping up with networking and interview skills. I think that this was extremely helpful to students of all job ranges.

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