Social Media and PR

Now let’s be real here, almost everyone we know is on Facebook. Even my mom has an account, I know scary! Facebook has quickly become a trend not only among youth but every generation, and it didn’t take long for businesses to realize this social media trend could benefit them too. This trend defiantly keeps me interested especially because I log onto Facebook almost every day!

Many companies have started to advertise on Facebook to promote a product or service. I know those advertisements can be annoying, but let’s be real here I’m sure a lot of us have been bored sitting on Facebook and seen an advertisement for a website or company we have never heard of. I will be completely honest, my weakness is purses and I have been suckered into those advertisements. I actually bought a purse off of And let me tell you it wasn’t a decision I regretted.

Facebook is a social media trend that is catching on real quick and almost every business has taken advantage of this. Well any smart business that is. Whether it is advertising or actually having a page for your business, “like us on Facebook” seems to be everywhere. My personal favorite is when you like a restaurant on Facebook and they give you a free gift, like an appetizer or drink. Chili’s is a perfect example of this; you can receive a free appetizer or dessert if you like them on Facebook. Now not only will they get you in the restaurant but you will probably purchase a drink or entrée as well. That’s smart right! Facebook has become a social media trend for both PR and other fields, but one things for sure social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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