The 411 on AP Style

Now, I’m defiantly no expert when it comes to AP format, I will be the first to admit that. Heck, before this class I barely even used or had heard of all the quirky rules associated with AP format. However, after the lecture video, quiz I took, and articles I read this week I must say I have a better understanding of the topic, and would like to share some of my knowledge with you. But let’s remember it will probably take me all semester before I can deem myself an AP style expert.

Let me start by telling you why AP style is a must!! AP Style is the standard of writing used by PR practitioners and Journalists. It is its own form of writing with certain punctuations and abbreviations that help when creating a press release or any type of publication in the PR field. According to this article by the PRSSA “Almost 43 percent of responding communicators said AP style is extremely important.” So I suggest if you plan on going into this field you are well versed on how to use AP format.

This leads me into my next point on the importance of knowing AP style. Now who wants to spend hours and hours on one press release? NOT ME! When you have to write a lot of press releases daily you want to do so as efficiently and fast as possible. This format helps you create these press releases without spending a large amount of times on just one release. Now me being new to AP format and all I will admit I find it to be quite confusing and challenging. There is a lot to know and remember. My AP Style textbook will definitely be my life saver this semester. After doing some research and finding an article written by Barbara Nixon, I found that students find it most troubling to learn how to abbreviate dates, addresses, names, numerals, and datelines. According to this article this is a challenging process and it is suggested to use the AP stylebook and even review just basic grammar rules.

The AP format is used by everyone and you should know how to both write and read in AP style if you want to be a successful PR practitioner. When creating fact sheets and press releases in AP format it is important that you follow the criteria and rules exactly correct. According to Debbie Hilt, “Sending out a press release written in AP style significantly improves the chances for publication.” It also makes news releases more relevant by providing up to date information quickly and accurately.

During an interview it is important the company knows you are able to write in AP format and have all the skills that are required for the position. I would be happy to take a quiz to show them that I am well versed and qualified for the position.

After reading many articles all I can say is that Arika Daniels is right when she states that “The best way to learn AP style  is to practice it” I mean didn’t we all learn growing up practice makes perfect? Now let’s face it no one is actually perfect, but we can all try right?


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